Monday, January 5, 2009

First Annual Halloween Party 2008

This past Halloween was a lot of fun for us. In previous years Dominick did not really understand Halloween and he was scared of all the decorations. This year was different though. We walked into a store and Dominick picked up a Halloween mask and put it on his face. I acted like I was scared and he took the mask off and said "Mommy it's just me, don't be scared." He did not want to leave the aisle with all of the Halloween decorations and that is when Dominick and I decided that since we had our own house that we would hold our First Annual Halloween Party. We went home and Dominick told Alex that we were going to have a Halloween party and the first words out of Alex's mouth were "Who is going to clean up after this party?" Ha, ha....he always worries about the mess involved! We told him we would and he said ok! This is something we hope to do every year. Not only did the kids have a blast but the parents did as well. We had different activities such as Go Fish, where they went "fishing" for treats and they bobbed for apples. Instead of going trick or treating we had Trunk or Treat. The parents brought candy for the truck or back of their car. We had everyone park on one side of the yard and the kids went from car to car trick or treating. We did not have to worry about what our kids were getting or anyone getting hurt because it was all contained on our property! We had a bonfire and all sorts of spooky treats! Here is an album of all of our Halloween pictures! Some of the pictures are of the preparation and some are from the actual party! Just click on the photo to open the whole album.

Halloween 2008

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