Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Justin is a Big Boy

I finally took video of Justin feeding himself his milk. This is a huge step for Jussie Bear. Now it does look a little funny that he drinks out of the can the milk comes in, but although he loves to drink his milk so much that he gets mad when you try to feed him through his tube (when we have to give medicine) he refuses to drink it if it is any other type of container. He is slow when it comes to changing anything, but just like the changes he has made thus far, we are sure he will eventually drink out of a cup. We will work on changing the type of container in the future but for right now we are estatic! He is funny, if you put a toy that makes noise beside him while he is drinking he will hold the can with one hand and keep the other hand free so he can press the buttons to make the music play.

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